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Copy & Personal Branding to express your business's inner world to the outer world


You’re an entrepreneur; you’re creative, skilled, and deeply passionate about what you do. There’s no denying that. 


But taking it all on yourself is one way to burn out fast and cut your own potential short. And you’re not about to undercut your potential, right!? No.


You’re here to make moves, to do things your way, and have one of those businesses- not the outdated ‘Instagram-perfect’ businesses (cause, ew, that’s so 2019).


I’m talking about one of those businesses that allow you to show up for your people and deeply serve them because you’ve made showing up actually feel good.

I help business owners get rooted in a brand that they love - one that feels so damn right they can market themselves with ease and joy.

Meet Her

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Hey, I'm Sam!

The “Her” behind the business.


I've been on the Marketing and Copywriting scene for over three years now. 

Empire by Her started as an outlet for creative expression and a burning desire to help others express their inner selves to the outer world. 

Oh, but there's more (and it's juicy!)

Including the top 3 lessons, I've learned about being a business owner!


Her Services

Website Copywriting

Instagram Marketing and Copywriting

Sales Page Copywriting

Blog and Article Content Writing

Personal Branding and Coaching

Lead Magnet Creation

Email Marketing

Website Review


If you want a one-of-a-kind stand-out business, then you need Sam! I have had the pleasure of working with Sam on 2 successful business ventures and multiple projects along the way and in between. Sam is one of the most professional, fun and punctual consultants I have ever worked with. Not only that, but Sam really Listens to you, learns about you, your brand, and its voice. She truly does care about your brand's success, and it shows. Her copy is smart, and if needed, her hands-on approach to managing your social media, website, email marketing, et, is top-notch. I have recommended Sam to colleagues and friends and will continue to do so. 10/10 stars for Sam!

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Contact Her


Shoot me a message so we can get started on the next steps for your Empire. Let me know a bit about your business and what type of services and support you’re interested in.

If you’re not sure that’s okay too! I can help you create a plan designed specifically for you and your business.

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