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When you know who you are, you can grow who you are.


Let's get loud!

As a business owner, I know that running a business requires you to wear about 7 different hats throughout the day.


I genuinely believe that if you want to make waves, you gotta be in your area of magic to create a current. 


In other words, know when to delegate and bring in others that align with you and your purpose!

I help business owners get rooted in a brand they love and that feels so damn right they could shout about it from the rooftops!

Meet Her

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Hey, I'm Sam!

The “Her” behind the business.


Empire by Her started as an outlet for creative expression and a burning desire to help others express their inner selves to the outer world. 


Things quickly grew from copy, to brand strategy and creation to a rad boutique agency made up of myself and a trusted group of talented subcontractors - all cocked to make all your business dreams come true. 

Oh, but there’s more…

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Her Services

Website Copy & Design

Instagram Marketing

Email Marketing 

Sales Page Copy & Design

Branding Strategy & Design


Company & Personal Bios

Media/Speaker Kits

Blog Creation 

Mentorship & Strategy

Candice Graciano.jpeg

Candice, Candice Graciano Coaching

A word that comes to mind when working with Sam is EASE!  Sam really makes your life easier so that you can focus on your business.  I struggled with content, what to post, when to post, etc. It was becoming a source of anxiety because while I wanted to share my message, I also just wanted to focus on my clients. Sam was able to help me create and post content that I felt great about, that aligned with my brand, and did not take up too much time for me to focus on my clients.  She is extremely fun to work with while being professional and just an overall badass.


Jana, The Movement Coach

I so enjoyed the creative process of working with Sam on the copy for my website. I feel she really got the essence of who I was professionally and personally and distilled the messaging to reflect this beautifully. Her copy was on point! This process with Sam also made me reflect on my business and how I want people to view it. I cannot recommend Sam enough; she is fast, fun to work with, and the copy is a killer! 

Cassie David.png

Cassie, Cassie David Fit

I hired Sam for copywriting on all of my pages on my website and she did not disappoint. What I loved most is how detailed Sam was at the start of getting to know my brand, my business and my type of client. I felt confident we were on the same page with the vision and I appreciated the thought and care that went into making sure the copy would reflect my brand. I loved that there was an opportunity for revisions as well to dial it in even more perfectly. Sam was a lifesaver for me and my site, and I’m so grateful. I have plans to be back for copywriting in the future.

Her Clients

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Shoot me a message so we can get started on the next steps for your Empire. Let me know a bit about your business and what type of services and support you’re interested in.

If you’re not sure that’s okay too! I can help you create a plan designed specifically for you and your business.

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