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Here's a peek at a handful of projects I have been involved in and the deets that go along with them!


This client came to me READY to uplevel her sales page and web copy. She had previously invested in getting a beautiful site designed but initially decided to forego investing in copy and DIY-ed it. However, she soon came to me to help her communicate her vision and expertise to her ideal clients in a relatable and deeply meaningful way, to inspire, never shame.

I have the privilege of working with this accomplished growth professional while collaborating with AZ Digital Marketing Consulting, which helps high-tech Israeli companies and organizations break into the English-speaking market.


This guide was created in preparation for the launch of this business and as a way for them to build their email database. The owner wanted to ensure it was packed with value and would genuinely help people. Therefore, I included prompts, exercises, ideas and explanations to help nurture people igniting their self-care journey and accepting that they are worthy.

I have created a number of blogs for this Navigational SAAS company in collaboration with AZ Digital Marketing Consulting. AZ has been fantastic at always providing me with a clear and detailed brief so that I can flex my creative muscles and ensure that all of the blogs are engaging, in line with the client's brand voice and key messages, and adheres to SEO guidelines, to create dynamic content writing again and again.


This client and I have worked through a lot together (website copy, lead magnet, webinars, emails, blogs and more) along with Instagram marketing. Throughout our time together, we have continued to carve out her key purposes and nail her messaging, even through shifts and evolutions of her business. I have helped her embrace who she is at her core and gain confidence in sharing her beliefs, values, and skills. This person hated being on camera and now has multiple sound clips that her audience adores, leading to her booking virtual retreats, 1:1 sessions, group programs and more.

This example showcases one particular email from a 12-part email launch sequence. The sequence started as a lead-up to a free training, the release of a new offer, and the closing of the early-bird deal. This was a wildly successful campaign in which the client sold out her services beyond expected and even re-released the campaign a couple of months later due to its success.


If you want a one-of-a-kind stand-out business, then you need Sam! I have had the pleasure of working with Sam on 2 successful business ventures and multiple projects along the way and in between. Sam is one of the most professional, fun and punctual consultants I have ever worked with. Not only that, but Sam really Listens to you, learns about you, your brand, and its voice. She truly does care about your brand's success, and it shows. Her copy is smart, and if needed, her hands-on approach to managing your social media, website, email marketing, et, is top-notch. I have recommended Sam to colleagues and friends and will continue to do so. 10/10 stars for Sam!

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