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UGC with Sam

Hey, I'm Sam! I’ve been in the online marketing space for 3+ years, working with hundreds of business owners, brands, and creators. As a performer girlie at heart and a professional copywriter, I know that our words and what we see online have the potential to make moves for any online brand.


Turn those looky-lous into devoted fans with relatable UGC!

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Content Creator

Why UGC?

🔸79% of people say that UGC directly impacts their purchasing decisions

🔸Brands that harness the power of UGC see up to a 161% higher conversion rate compared to brands that don’t

🔸UGC campaigns see a 28% higher engagement rate compared to standard brand-generated content

More and more of what we consume online is UGC. It’s time to partner with aligned user generated content creators!

A Peek at my Work

are saying…

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Screenshot 2023-12-10 085423.png

UGC is an undeniable form of popular content that will only continue to rise. Capture the influence of UGC and inject it into your brand!

Let's Connect!

Your creativity is what makes your brand pop online; I can't wait to hear all about what makes you, YOU, and see what we can curate together! 


Drop me a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 


Orrrr, book a vibe-check call to see if we gel!

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