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I said goodbye to my secure 9-5 in 2020,  yeah, you read that right, I said “Thank you, next” to a job that wanted me in 2020. I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100% sure what the road ahead would look like. But it’s a choice I would never go back on, and I have learned so much about copywriting, personal branding, the industry, and, most importantly  - myself. 


Getting real (cause that’s how I do), I hid so much of myself for such a long time. I was fearful of being seen, heard, and thought of in a certain (non-favourable) way. But you know what I realized: People are gonna think what they’re gonna think, and it’s legit just not worth your energy to try and convince them otherwise. You deserve the world.


And now, well, I’m 1000% ME. I’m loud, emotional, somewhat of a rebel, defs a bit woo-woo, drop the F-bomb on the reg. And wear it all as a badge of honour.

So, if you’re here considering what it would be like to work with me, I’d like to share a few key moments

  • Getting my copy on a multi-story billboard in Tel Aviv

  • Clients crying on calls because they feel seen, heard, and understand their story better than ever before (this was not a 1-off)

  • Having clients come back 3 years running because of the awesome shit we create together

  • Clients selling out their products

  • Working with real-life James Bond-type characters (shh!)

But beyond that, I'm a little sassy, super into emotional expression, and have a very strong ability to allow your story to flow through me, which is just one of the things that makes me an excellent copywriter! *hair flip*

Feel free to stalk me on my socials; Instagram is where I'm at most of the time.

The top 3 lessons I've learned about being a business owner:

  • Things are going to look different than the plan; roll with it.

  • Invest in help, whether it's a partner, a solid friend, or an expert service provider (hello!). If it's the right connection, it's oh-so worth your sanity.

  • There is power in your voice, use it.

I see owning and marketing your business as a radical act of self-expression and self-love. That's why if we work together- you can bet on me pushing you to open up and play an active role in your business. It's your Empire, Mate. Let's get building.

So what are you waiting for?

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