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Her Story

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Hey, I’m Sam 


The “Her” behind the business.


Empire by Her started as an outlet for creative expression and a burning desire to help others express their inner selves to the outer world. 


Things quickly grew from copy, to brand strategy and creation to a rad boutique agency made up of myself and a trusted group of talented subcontractors - all cocked to make all your business dreams come true. 


Oh, but there’s more…


I’m a big advocate for living as the multi-passionate and multifaceted complex being that you (and I) are! 

Hence why you can also shop dope entrepreneurial merch and get my eyes on and heart in your business with mentorship and coaching. 


Getting real (cause that’s how I do) I hid so much of myself for such a long time. I was fearful of being seen, heard, and thought of in a certain (non-favourable) way. But you know what I realized: People are gonna think what they’re gonna think and it’s legit just not worth your energy to try and convince them otherwise. You deserve the world.


And now, well, I’m 1000% ME. I’m loud, emotional, somewhat of a rebel, defs a bit woo-woo, drop the F-bomb on the reg. And wear it all as a badge of honour. 


I see owning and marketing your business as a radical act of self-expression and self-love. That’s why, if we work together- you can bet on me pushing you to open up and play an active role in your business. It’s your Empire, Mate. Let’s get building!

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