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Ivanna, Evolve Showrooms

I had an incredible experience working with Sam from Empire by Her. She was exceptionally professional, efficient, and produced great copy for my monthly newsletter for my business. It’s great to work with someone who can put themselves in your shoes and effortlessly understand your needs as a business. 10/10 recommend Empire by Her!

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Amber, Our Space Architecture

Working with Sam has been an absolute pleasure.  She provides inspired and thoroughly researched blogs. Sam intuitively has captured our authentic voice required to spark dialogue and engagement with our desired audience.  Confidently taking charge, especially when we need a wee nudge to make sure we are meeting our milestones and goals.  A thoroughly professional and lovely person to deal with, whom I would highly recommend to my nearest and dearest in a heartbeat!


Amanda, JunaBlu

Sam is wonderful to work with. She is basically able to write exactly what is in my head- but better! She is a true professional and gets the work done in a super timely manner. She was able to convey a fun, spiritual and heart-centred voice for my brand. I will be using her again, so you should too!


This client came to me with a desire to strengthen her message and portray the deep emotional and physical impact of services into relatable, meaningful and direct, concise copy. She knew the clients she was serving were profoundly supported, but her website didn’t reflect the true impact of what she did to those potential clients who were perusing her site. We got super clear on her message, who she served, and what makes her unique to dial in and frame her as the STANDOUT EXPERT that she is.


This client came to me READY to uplevel her sales page and web copy. She had previously invested in getting a beautiful site designed but initially decided to forego investing in copy and DIY-ed it. However, she soon came to me to help her communicate her vision and expertise to her ideal clients in a relatable and deeply meaningful way, to inspire, never shame.


This client and I have worked through a lot together (website copy, lead magnet, webinars, emails, blogs and more) along with, of course, Instagram marketing. We dove deep into her message, and through time I have watched her embrace who she is at her core and gain confidence in sharing her beliefs, values, and skills. This person hated being on camera and now has multiple sound clips that her audience adores, leading to her booking virtual retreats, 1:1 sessions and an upcoming group program!

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