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Get ready to get OBSESSED with your business!

You’re a solopreneur who took that BOLD move to strike out on your own.


You know you can make this work, and not just work but freakin SOAR.


But, something is off;

You shrug your shoulders when people ask what your brand is and instead just state what you do.

You know your messaging isn't representing the depths of power you have to offer.


You’re ready to shift out of this but aren’t even sure where and how to go about it all.



Empire by her

1:1 Mentorship and Strategy
The vibe...

This is for you if...
  • You’re a solopreneur with an inner badass waiting to bust out


  • Your messaging isn’t marinating in the hearts of your ideal client


  • You want to up your content game but still maintain control over your voice


  • You’re proud of your offers but struggle to communicate their dopeness to others


  • You believe that your personal and professional self has the potential to co-exist


  • You want to move through life as the heart on fire emoji

  • You need clarity around your brand identity and channelling that into a kick-ass marketing strategy


  • You look at other people being their most confident, quirky self online and wish you could do the same


  • You’re drained by the thought of cold outreach and are sick of hunting down your next paycheque


  • You want to start having way more FUN in your business and owning the shit out of who you are


  • You’re low-key obsessed with the concept of continually evolving and healing

  • You’re ready to COMMIT and go from “business owner” to “CEO!”

Hi hi! - I’m Sam


The “Her” behind the business.

Empire by Her started as an outlet for creative expression and a burning desire to help others express their inner selves to the outer world. 

I’m a big advocate for living as the multi-passionate and multifaceted complex being that you are and believe that your personal and professional self can co-exist beautifully

Getting real (cause that’s how I do), I hid so much of myself for such a long time. I was fearful of being seen, heard, and thought of in a certain (non-favourable) way.

But you know what I realized: People are gonna think what they’re gonna think, and it’s legit just not worth your energy to try and convince them otherwise. You deserve the world.

And now, well, I’m 1000% ME. I’m loud, emotional, somewhat of a rebel, defs a bit woo-woo, drop the F-bomb on the reg. And wear it all as a badge of honour. 


I see owning and marketing your business as a radical act of self-expression and self-love. That’s why, if we work together- you can bet on me pushing you to open up and play an active role in your business. 


This is your life, your business, your path. 


Let’s get LOUD.

CopyByHer-126 (1).jpg

But, the truth is I wasn’t always like this so openly...

It wasn’t until I embraced who I was as a person first that my business really took off.



I am known as that bold, fiery, badass of a woman who speaks her mind…And the right people eat it up.

I get to CHOOSE who I work with.

I have more FUN, feel so freakin on-path, and don’t have to fake a single second of it because I am 1000% living my personal brand.

And let’s not forget; I AM A COPYWRITER, crafting impactful messaging is what my clients pay me thousands to do. 


And as part of The Loud Project, you get my eyes on your content every month!


How did I do it?

I unleashed my inner brand power and marketed myself like the powerhouse soul that I am!

The deets...
What you get when you join The Loud Project

Each month you get...

2x 1:1 calls

This is where the magic lives. We work together to draw out your innate essence and get up your confidence to show up as your most you-est you in the BEST way possible! We strategize, brainstorm, and begin crafting your marketing materials to get you out there in a real and tangible way.

16 pieces of content reviewed by me personally each month

We make sure that you’re allowing your brand to shine and speaking to the real juicy parts of your messaging!

5 days a week of private Voxer access with me 

The shit that goes down on Voxer is real, yo. Feeling insecure about what you’re about to post? Not sure how to handle an awkward client interaction? Want to break down those imposter villains taking up rent in your head? Don’t let those little bastards get comfy there; I’m just a message away and know how to call you out on your shit, lovingly.

"A word that comes to mind when working with Sam is EASE!  Sam really makes your life easier so that you can focus on your business.  I struggled with content, what to post, when to post, etc. It was becoming a source of anxiety because while I wanted to share my message, I also just wanted to focus on my clients. Sam was able to help me create and post content that I felt great about, that aligned with my brand, and did not take up too much time for me to focus on my clients.  She is extremely fun to work with while being professional and just an overall badass."
Candice Graciano

It's time to GET LOUD

LOUD with your business.

LOUD with your beliefs.

LOUD with your boundaries.

LOUD with your love.

LOUD with your life!


Own that inner flame and feel it blaze

This is not just a commitment to your business. It’s a commitment to yourself.


You know you can freakin rock this.

You know you have innate wisdom to share.


You know that you’re worthy of having that easy, fun, aligned, booming business.

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